Meat Eaters Are Aware That Veganism is Better, But Choose to Eat Meat: Study

While recent surveys have highlighted that most meat eaters are aware that veganism is ethical and good for the environment, a University of Bath study has now found that people who love bacon, pork and steak fear a plant-based diet would taste bland.

According to a report published in The Daily Mail, the result of a study, published in the journal Sustainability showed that 70 per cent believed that a vegan diet was ethical and sustainable. The study also revealed half of Brits believed that a vegan diet was healthy. However, the report added that even though people believed that vegan diet is better, they were of the opinion that the vegan diet is too expensive and inconvenient.

Daily Mail quoted lead researcher Chris Bryant as saying, “This study shows most people already agree with the ethics of veganism and are aware of the benefits of vegan diets to the environment.” The report quoted him as adding that while many people agree with the principles of veganism, in terms of changing behaviours that many see it as too expensive, inconvenient and a sacrifice in terms of taste.

The study comes during ‘Veganuary’, which is basically a campaign that encourages people to adopt the vegan lifestyle for the month of January.

The report asserts that one per cent of British population became vegan in 2019, compared to the 0.25 per cent in 2014. The reasons for people switching to veganism included animal welfare and reducing the impact of agriculture and food production on the planet.

Furthermore, the report also states that mainstream meat and dairy free products both on supermarket shelves and in restaurants have made veganism easier. However, barriers against adopting the drastic change in diet persist.