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Even though most of the interaction between computer and user is visual, computer speakers are still an important part of a home computer system. There are many programs that send audio cues for different information, not to mention the usefulness of speakers for watching videos on DVD or the internet. And computer speakers are absolutely essential for web conferencing and internet phone service. Computer speakers allow users to have a greater experience with computers, and they have become standard equipment when buying a computer.

Most computers contain a low-quality speaker in the computer itself that can only emit beeps and tones. But manufacturers include a set of stand alone speakers that can handle a wider range of sounds, including voice and music. These additional speakers are not intended for high quality sound; but manufacturers also make a wide variety of high-quality speaker systems that can even rival home entertainment systems for sound quality. These systems are rarely offered with the computer, but instead are bought and installed later.

Some of the more extensive computer speaker systems include things like surround sound and subwoofers, although the average consumer might not need that much audio equipment. The stand alone speakers that come with computers are usually enough for most gaming, movie watching, and computing needs.

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