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When people think of a computer they usually think of the monitor first because that's the part of the system they look at the most. But even though it's often forgotten in a world of point-and-click websites, the keyboard is essential to a computer system. The keyboard is one of the two main ways in which the information is put into a computer, the other being the mouse. People use computer keyboards to type documents, email friends and use instant messaging services. Despite the fact that the mouse has become so prevalent in modern-day use, the keyboard is actually much more versatile and can be quite helpful in making work go faster.

Besides the regular alphabetical and numerical keys on a computer keyboard, manufacturers include other buttons that allow users to create shortcuts. These shortcuts can save time when performing multiple operations in a computer program. The additional shortcut buttons can do things like control the volume of a sound system, connect to the internet, control the settings on the monitor and many other simple tasks that would otherwise take many clicks of the mouse.

Computer keyboards come in a lot of different formats. Besides the regular flat panel of keys, many manufacturers have created computer keyboards that are better suited for the hands. When typing for extended periods of time, normal keyboards can cause a lot of pain and fatigue for the hands. Ergonomically designed keyboards alleviate the problem by placing keys in a more natural position for the hands.

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