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Computer cases are an important part of a computer even if you don't notice them. People are usually more concerned about the components inside. For some of the less computer-savvy individuals, computer cases may actually be a blessing because they would only panic if they could see the inner workings of a computer.

But computer cases serve several purposes. They are mostly important for protecting the delicate electronics inside from getting bumped or broken. they also protect the electronics from dust, spilled liquids and other contaminants that could damage the computer. Cases can be connected to the infrastructure of the computer too, to help provide extra support for components. But computer cases also provide an aesthetic quality. Manufacturers try to design computer cases to look sleek and trendy because it is the only part of the computer that most people see.

Computer cases can be modified by the owner, and many people enjoy altering their computer cases to reflect their hobbies or interests. This is especially popular with avid gamers who decorate their cases with images and memorabilia from their favorite game. Some retailers even offer "case mod" kits to help people personalize their computer cases. The average consumer doesn't usually bother with modifying their computer cases, especially because doing so can void the warranty on the computer.

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